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The Taiwan Macula Society (TMS) began as an outgrowth of Retina closed-door meeting, held twice a year, for alumni of vitreo-retinal doctors from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH), Linkuo medical center. In 2005, Dr. Chi-Chun Lai officially initiated a forum for vitreo-retinal specialist to present, discuss, and exchange both clinical and scientific knowledge relevant to retinal and macular disorders. This was greatly supported by Dr. Tun-Lu Chen, the first division Retina Chief since 1987 at CGMH.

With the vision and efforts of Drs. Chen and Lai, the Retina section at CGMH is ranked among one of the best Retina programs in Taiwan, providing the most advanced treatments for patients with retinal and macular disorder. During his tenure as the Chief of Retina section (2003-2010), Dr. Lai began a new legacy for an even more comprehensive Retina program at CGMH, with the following sub-specialties: Macular diseases included medical and surgical, pediatric retina, retinopathy of prematurity, ocular oncology, ocular trauma, endophthalmities, uveitis, pathological myopia, retinal degeneration and dystrophy, genetics, electrophysiology.

In 2010, the official name, “The Taiwan Macula Club”, was used with the intention of advocating and promoting the excellence of patient care by supporting all Taiwan specialists through discussion, education, and research. Ten TMC meetings were held during 2010 to 2014, attendees from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Linkou, Taipei and Keelung branches), Taipei Mackay Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, and Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital. In 2015, Taiwan Macula Society (TMS) was founded and supported when Drs. Lai, Wang (the first two Taiwanese active members of the Macula Society) and some original TMC members recognized the need for a forum to share and discuss by learning the spirit and style of the Macula Society. After the first meeting in July 2015, Dr. Wen-Chuan Wu, Chairman of Department of Ophthalmology in Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, was persuaded to be the first president, committee chairmen were nominated and elected by the attendees.

The purpose of Taiwan Macula Society is to promote the patient care by supporting specialists through creative platform for sharing and exchange of medical science. Currently, TMS has the strongest team including different sub-specialties in Taiwan, as well as connections with many different international societies. We sincerely invite all Vitreo-Retinal specialists who share the same value and vision to join us and wok for the brighter future for all.
Mission Statement
The mission of Taiwan Macula Club is to promote the patient care by supporting specialists through creative platform for sharing and exchange of medical science.